Paper work is costing employers billions

Apparently Australian and Kiwi employees are costing employers more than $50b dollars every year filling out regular paper work given to them by bosses. Want to know how much paper based records are costing your company?  We can calculate an ROI for you just based around the amount of paper that […]

Meet one of our new team members – Harry

Harry writes this about himself as his introduction. I am Hareendra Irugalratne aka “Harry” working as a software support officer at Theta Technologies. Being a part of this awesome team and helping our clients is something that I always wished for. My graduation was from Griffith University as a software […]

Midfield Group Moving into Dairy Processing

With a joint venture partner, Australian agribusiness Midfield Group are expanding into dairy processing.  It is great to hear a client is expanding their business.  InformationLeader has grown up in the meat industry but is now used widely throughout the whole food processing industry.  Leading chicken and dairy companies in […]

InformationLeader for TACCP and VACCP

InformationLeader for TACCP and VACCP  The challenge….finding a suitable electronic system to manage HACCP, VACCP and TACCP Assessments. TACCP (Threat Assessment & Critical Control Point) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment & Critical Control Point) are the latest focus by large food processing companies. While there are a number of electronic systems […]

Great to see our clients leading the way…

InformationLeader is a key tool used by both these clients.  It is good to read about how they are leading the way in their separate industries. Lilydale has been launched with new labelling that allows consumers to trace each chicken back to the farm it came from. The free range […]

Document Errors That Impact GFSI Compliance

When it comes to document control, it’s often the basics that get overlooked. 5 KEY Errors cited in the attached article area: 1. Lack of document control altogether 2. Document version control 3. Document revision errors 4. Inclusion of documents from external sources 5. Improper identification of approval personnel InformationLeader’s Document Management system is built […]