Congratulations: Teys Wagga Wagga plant earns EU accreditation

Our client, Teys Australia’s Wagga Wagga plant will shortly start processing both grainfed and grassfed cattle for the premium European Union beef export market.  They gained EU accreditation this week. InformationLeader is a key tool for the management of records to assist with attaining and maintaining country accreditations.   Teys […]

InformationLeader at foodpro 2017 in July

InformationLeader is exhibiting at foodpro 2017 in Sydney, July 16-19.  The decision was easy after positive results from the latest HACCP Conference.  We take this opportunity to show InformationLeader to the wider food industry. Our team plan to meet as many of you as possible.  To show you how we can make your work life easier […]

ACC – Taking a ‘big picture’ approach to value chain innovation

We recently conducted user training at Australian Country Choice (ACC).  InformationLeader can definitely be used to assist Joel with his project.  Looking forward to seeing what new scenarios can be developed and used for business improvement within the organisation.    

Research Leads to Removal of Meat Colour from MSA Requirements

Latest news published in Beef Central today. Change being made to MSA Requirements as a result of consumer research into meat colour.  Our clients with their specifications within InformationLeader and directly linked to forms will certainly have an easier time with this update process.  

Teys’ support for innovation

Teys’ support for the innovation of its suppliers is applauded in the latest edition of The Land.      

Oakey’s first cattle train due end of month

This month will see the first cattle train arrive at Oakey Beef on the newly upgraded rail line from Western Queensland.  The project is the start of regular rail movements direct to the site at Oakey.  This line is said to be critical to the expansion of the plant to twice its current capacity.  […]

Meet another of our new team members – Jack.

Jack writes this about himself as his introduction. Hello my name is Jack Sumaran and I come from South America. I have recently completed my Bachelor degree in Information Systems and I’ve been lucky enough to land at Theta. So far, my experience at Theta has been challenging and exciting. Currently, […]

World Quality Day 2016 – Review time?

On this World Quality Day 2016 consider how well your electronic records management system is performing. Are you using a “quality” management system platform?   Does it: Provide real-time, electronic data capture; Consolidate business information to provide reporting for continuous improvement; Provide complete traceability of all information; Is it web based to be available […]

Did you catch us at the HACCP Conference?

Two members of our team attended the recent 2 Day HACCP Conference in Melbourne.  Feedback was good from both.  Delegates kept them busy with the main focus of queries being on using the Plans module for HACCP.  The conference presentations were valuable to keep us up to date with the latest food safety […]