InformationLeader for HACCP

A Plans Module is the latest addition to InformationLeader.  It is available now to all users who have Version or above.  The module is being used to help food businesses more easily manage their HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plans. With a Drag-and-Drop Flow Chart builder, it is […]

InformationLeader Home Screen

One of the most obvious changes coming in the latest version of InformationLeader is the addition of a Home screen. This screen is tailored per user in the system, and provides a quick, easy way to access your InformationLeader notifications, forms, and reports. It also looks and works great on […]

Request Reporting Has Arrived

From the first version of InformationLeader we’ve included a workflow tool to track information flow throughout the system. It’s provided an auditable layer to business processes – you can see when information was sent, whether or not it’s been read, who is in charge of the information and the steps […]

Dynamic Sections!

Hi all! We’ve been busy compiling the survey results – we’re still receiving more submissions from our clients overseas. In the meantime we’re continuing our series on new features available in v5. InformationLeader has always broken up its data capture into sections – just like multiple pages on a paper […]

InformationLeader Capabilities

We’ve been working on InformationLeader for over 12 years, with solutions provided for organisations in a wide range of industries with an even wider range of needs. We’ve learnt from each of our implementations and taken feedback from customers new and old to make InformationLeader the best product it can […]

Training Courses

Hello again! Over the past couple of months we’ve shown you a few features of InformationLeader v5 and also talked about the extended capabilities when it comes to actually implement the new version. These features only scratch the surface of what’s now possible with version 5. There have been a […]

Pressing my buttons

One of the first ‘fully v5’ sites implemented (i.e. not upgraded from v4 from InformationLeader) had very specific speed and use requirements that was able to showcase features discussed in a number of previous blog posts. Products came down a conveyor belt and operators checked each outgoing product for defects. […]

Auditability and Traceability

From the very beginning the auditability/traceability of information captured by InformationLeader has set it apart from other data capture solutions. We meet a multitude of data keeping requirements and have been validated by government departments and organisations in heavily regulated industries. With versioning, ownership, and traceability down to individual field […]

Not just computers…

One of our key goals in InformationLeader was to increase the usability of the system by integrating with existing software investments. This extends to compatibility hardware devices and systems that help users perform their jobs faster and with greater accuracy. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on two devices […]