Venison Packers

Interview with: John Signal General Manager Venison Packers   What was the situation? Venison Packers is a toll processor located in Fielding, New Zealand. Venison Packers resides at the same site as Lamb Packers and as General Manager, John Signal is responsible for all activities at both sites. The New […]

NZ Lamb Packers

Interview with: Clinton Reeve IT & Technical Manager NZ Lamb Packers   What was the situation? As Technical Manager for the NZ Lambpackers site, Clinton Reeve saw a gap in the site’s ability to monitor and control the process line on a daily basis. InformationLeader was developed by Theta Technologies […]

Norvic Food Processors

“InformationLeader means we can spend more time on the floor instead of being stuck in the office…” Neville Hensel Operations Manager, Norvic Food Processors What was the situation? Prior to the use of InformationLeader, Neville describes the main challenge in using a paper based QA system being the traceability of […]


“The InformationLeader technology has made the lives of my QA team much easier…” Rob Radford General Manager, Radfords What was the situation? Radfords & Sons was established in 1946 and has been managed by Rob Radford for the last 20 years after taking over from his father. The operation turns […]

Norvic Food Processors

“This has revolutionised the meat industry…” Jon Hayes Managing Director, Norvic Food Processors What was the situation? Jon Hayes has been the General Manager at Norvic for 5 years. Prior to this he worked with AQIS for 15 years. Working on both sides of the red meat industry fence, he […]


“I would recommend this without hesitation to anyone wanting to move their company into the 21st century…” Alistair Baker QA Manager, WAMMCO International What was the situation? The Australian red meat industry is one of the most highly regulated in the country, requiring a large amount of paperwork in order […]


“This system is fool proof…” Steve Crook QA Manager, Radfords What was the situation? The large amount of paperwork required to fulfill his job role was the major challenge to affect Steve Crook’s role as the QA Manager at Radfords. Utilising a paper based quality assurance system meant much time […]

Alliance Group

“Through InformationLeader we’ve got instant reporting – that means compliance is happy……..” Stu Brown Technical Manager, Alliance Meat Processors What was the situation? Alliance had been previously utilising a Scottish based QA system with limited user access per site, but it was not equipped to analyse and report on the […]

Golden Circle

“From a document management point of view, InformationLeader has provided significant positive benefits to the organisation……..” Kim Jorgensen Quality Systems Manager, Golden Circle   What was the situation? Based in Northgate, Brisbane, the Golden Circle main manufacturing operation is large and diverse. Over 850 farmer shareholders supply over 120,000 tonnes […]


“[Ecowize has] made a bold investment in the best information management system we could find – InformationLeader …” Brett Osrin Managing Director of Ecowize Ecowize is a leading provider of specialist outsourced cleaning services in South Africa, New ZealandandAustralia. Ecowize focuses on providing highly customised cleaning solutions to the food manufacturing and […]