GoldenCircleGolden Circle is one of the most recognised Australian-owned companies. Since its beginning, the brand has been synonymous with providing families with high quality, value-for-money products. Depending on the season, the company employs up to 1400 people to manage their product range of 700 items. With an annual turnover of over $A400M, Golden Circle is Australia’s largest grower-owned processing company.

The Challenge

Golden Circle’s document control processes were cumbersome and difficult to manage. Approximately 6,000 different QA templates were stored in Word or Excel formats with a complex directory structure to manage permissions. Some documents were stored electronically as well as printed to paper to allow access. In addition, any template changes were delayed due to the complex access control. Auditing these systems was difficult as locating and consolidating the information was time-consuming for the few staff with access to the required information.

The concerns with this QA process were:

  • Large amount of storage space required
  • Delays waiting for staff with required access
  • Superseded documents were difficult to manage
  • Locating the correct template or form was difficult
  • Many staff tied-up with managing the system
  • Auditing was difficult
  • QA documents stored electronically/hard copy in many different departments

The Solution: InformationLeader

The Golden Circle QA vision was a centralised database for the entire quality management system. Quality Systems Manager, Kim Jorgensen, saw the opportunity to solve their problems and move towards their vision through Theta’s InformationLeader.

A single online, browser-based system now replaces the maze of directories and access rights to simplify manageability and traceability of documents. Alerts are set to notify relevant staff when changes are made and the versioning capabilities enable accurate management of superseded templates and documents. Kim has also implemented many of the templates as online forms, standardising across the organisation and minimising the storage requirement.

InformationLeader’s access control system simplifies security and allows the expansion of restricted access to other staff members. Historical forms, documents and changes are stored electronically allowing instant recall using InformationLeader’s search engine.

The InformationLeader reports module allows Golden Circle’s managers to easily source and generate reports from their data. Management can now identify long term trends more easily. QA staff can report to Auditors from their desk or any other computer system on the network without requiring other staff input.

With each enhancement to InformationLeader Golden Circle is exploring other opportunities for its use within the business. They are currently transferring their customer complaints system to improve these processes.

Benefits Identified by Golden Circle

  • Centralised system to manage forms and templates
  • Reduced QA staffing requirement by 1/3
  • Reduced staff time spent on QA systems
  • Simplified QA process for employees
  • Instant access to information
  • Reduction in staff time analysing data
  • Identifying new ways to improve processes
  • Alerts – Real time notification
  • Full control of form and document versions
  • Any GC staff including remote staff can have immediate access to the required information