MaterMater Health Services is a world-class group of three public and four private hospitals plus the Mater Medical Research Institute. Established in 1906, Mater has provided quality healthcare to Australians for over 100 years.

Mater Health Services cares for more than 500,000 patients each year with over 4,000 staff employed.

The Challenge

Mater Health Services in Brisbane, Australia processes hundreds of invoices each month. Each invoice must be manually entered into an ad hoc spreadsheet system and then processed for use in various existing financial systems. This process resulted in hundreds of printouts each month that needed to be stored for audit purposes. Reporting and collation of information and locating specific invoices was a tedious and time consuming exercise.

Additionally, the business process behind invoice processing was proving inefficient with lost invoices, duplicate payments and time wasted tracking down payments hurting overall performance.

The concerns with this invoice process were:

  • Large amounts of time consumed by the predominantly manual process
  • Redundancy of work – Data was entered once, reformatted twice, and remittance advice emails were manually created
  • Difficulty tracking down specific invoices
  • Lack of an audit trail
  • Lack of business process control

The Solution: InformationLeader

The vision for invoice processing at Mater Health Services was a system that facilitated the invoice processing business workflow, reducing the time involved in collating invoice information and producing the files required by existing PayGlobal and Navision financial software systems.

Mater Health Services saw the opportunity to realize this vision using InformationLeader.

A single browser-based system now replaces thousands of paper printouts and multiple spreadsheets that made up the previous inbound invoice processing system.

InformationLeader facilitates a clearly defined business process, with invoices now following an electronic workflow that shows the full audit trail behind the processing of each individual invoice. A complete action and change history is kept, with each piece of information entered into the system tracked for full record keeping compliance.

Users can now instantly identify outstanding invoices and generate follow up notifications. All outstanding invoices are shown first, and follow up alerts are issued for invoices that require urgent attention. Re-usable search filters allow users to locate specific invoices through a variety of search criteria.

Invoice information is entered once and the information is now automatically formatted for use in payroll and financial management software, as well as the generation of a remittance advice which can be directly sent to customers from InformationLeader.

Benefits Identified by Mater Health Services

  • Centralized system to handle all inbound invoices
  • Controlled business workflow
  • Full audit trail of all actions performed within the system
  • Email notifications of overdue invoices
  • Automated reporting that generates output to existing payroll and financial systems
  • Automatic generation of remittance advices
  • Reduced staff time entering and reformatting data
  • Security model supports varying access levels for employees in different roles
  • Data entry validation increases data accuracy
  • The ability to create reusable search filters to sort and locate invoices