The following discussion papers explore the questions that businesses need to answer when choosing to invest in a new software solution.

Does Your Organisation Have a Proactive Attitude?

Managers in businesses of all sizes face unexpected challenges that could mean success or failure for the entire business. It is how prepared an organisation is for such challenges that determines whether a business will weather the storm or flounder under an unexpected wave.

This paper explores what it means to be proactive and how electronic systems can foster a proactive attitude in an organisation. Read more

Do Organisations Need Traceability?

Business traceability is fast becoming a basic requirement for organisations in all industries. Traceability provides increased visibility to business information within an organisation and transparency to business processes.

This paper investigates the business reasons for traceability and what is required to implement and maintain a highly traceable system. Read more

Build or Buy?

Various factors must be considered when choosing between Off-the-Shelf and Custom designed software. Risk and cost considerations vary for both solutions at each stage of the project’s life span.

This paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions and identifies business arguments for the alternatives. This investigation also identifies a third option that utilises the advantages of both implementations while minimising the risk and cost incurred by their disadvantages. Read more

Can Electronic Systems Foster Compliance?

One of the biggest challenges that businesses competing in the global marketplace face is compliance with standards and legislation. With a myriad of standards, regulations, and state, federal and international laws that organisations must adhere to, compliance becomes an overwhelmingly convoluted and expensive proposition that can draw a business ever further from its core competencies.

This paper looks at how organisations can respond to this challenge by breaking down the key requirements shared by standards and legislation, and how organisations can use an electronic information management system to achieve compliance. Furthermore, it examines ways of using the captured information to increase competitiveness and to enable process refinement. Read more