HACCP in InformationLeader

InformationLeader’s Plans module allows the complete replacement of paper-based or Word/Excel document formats of your HACCP Plan.  The integration of a flow charting tool with direct links to HACCP Tables, and the automatic numbering system makes setting up and updating the plan a breeze.

InformationLeader - HACCP

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  • A HACCP template brings all the different parts of a standard HACCP plan into one place.
  • A drag-and-drop flowcharting tool which includes the usual flow charting symbols is “built-in”.
  • Initial preparation and future modifications is made easier by automatic coding and numbering.
  • The flowchart links directly with the Hazard Analysis Table and the HACCP Audit Table of your HACCP Plan.
  • Links can be made to pre-existing InformationLeader forms or documents.
  • Better yet the initial template is built to suit your organisation.


  • No need to use a separate flow charting tool.
  • Adding a step or removing a step is easy with the automatic renumbering.
  • Direct links from Flow Chart to Hazard Analysis Table and HACCP Audit Table.
  • Direct Links to Procedures and Record Forms.
  • Ability to tailor plan for different audiences.
  • The module is automatically available in current InformationLeader installations.
  • Reviewed and supported by Department of Agriculture Water Resources (DAWR).

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