PIF Version 6.0 and InformationLeader

What is a PIF Version 6.0? The Product Information Form (PIF Version 6.0) is a food industry-agreed questionnaire. It is used by companies to provide food industry customers with information about food products and ingredients in a single document.  It meets the need for information of this type for legal and regulatory compliance. Up […]

ACC’s David Foote features on Landline – Chinese Butchers

Chinese Butchers – New Approach to Chinese Market This story on Landline Sunday 12th March about Chinese butchers is a must watch for all companies working on exporting product to China.  David Foote explains how a chance meeting has led to a new approach to selling ACC beef.  Two young Chinese […]

Good luck with Plant Expansion – Gundagai Meat Processors

Launch of plant expansion at GMP this week The launch of a $30 million plant expansion project at Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) has been publicised this week.  According to the article in Beef Central the project will increase annual production by 40% and lead to 76 new fulltime jobs once in production. Gundagai […]

InformationLeader – not just for meat industry businesses?

Is InformationLeader just for the meat industry? ….NO WAY!!!!! InformationLeader is not just for meat.  InformationLeader owes its heritage to the meat industry and remains a widely used tool in that industry.  There are so many more businesses utilising it today.   Government departments (Australia and New Zealand) not even associated […]

2017 Predictions for Consumer Food Focus

2017 Consumer Food Focus Predictions — the year of getting personal and sportified, and improving digestive wellness Definitely agree that products promoting digestive wellness are going to be a Consumer food focus for 2017 and beyond.  So much good information is being published about the importance of gut health to overall health […]

Product Development Pays Off for Clients

Product development pays off for meat industry clients featured in Beef Central article on 2016 trends. A significant number of meat processing organisations use InformationLeader.   InformationLeader helps processors meet stringent domestic and overseas compliance requirements.  However, it is not just about compliance but business improvement.  InformationLeader is used by clients to […]