The 2018 Australian CIO Summit


In late July, two of the InformationLeader team will be attending the annual Australian CIO Summit on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Marcus Evans summit format is known for uniting decision makers and solution providers, with various keynote presentations from industry leaders, real life case studies, and interactive sessions to encourage actionable decision making. This private forum offers a premier environment for a focused dialogue on key new drivers in IT innovation.

Our team is pleased to have the chance to participate in discussions surrounding such topics as security by design, stories out of data, and new definitions for capability. This summit offers the exciting opportunity to demonstrate to various business leaders what InformationLeader does best: provide a flexible solution for compliance, reporting, and document management, without the costs associated with paper based systems. In the future, we hope to use insights and learning gained from these three days to continue to develop and further advance InformationLeader for all current and future users.