Auditability and Traceability

From the very beginning the auditability/traceability of information captured by InformationLeader has set it apart from other data capture solutions. We meet a multitude of data keeping requirements and have been validated by government departments and organisations in heavily regulated industries. With versioning, ownership, and traceability down to individual field levels, InformationLeader has met and exceeded data capture requirements around the world.

In moving to version 5 we’ve continued to improve on this already robust feature set. In this post, we’ll have a look at two new features – System Events in change history, and the new System Log.

Event History
Figure 1 The New Event History Page

Change history has long been an area that sets InformationLeader apart – every change to the form down to the field level is tracked and stamped with the user and date/time information. In v5 we’ve extended this to include system events like automation. What this does is give you a complete view of absolutely everything that’s happened to the form – not just user interactions but also how information on that form was used in system events.

System Log
Figure 2 The System Log

The System Log is a new area within the Administration module that allows system administrators to view important system events such as logins, report generation, email notifications sent from the system, and the successful running of scheduled jobs. V5 also allows Usage Logging, design to troubleshoot specific scenarios where tracking every interaction that a user has with the system (including what forms they view!) is necessary.

Remember – if you have any questions or just want to chat about how this latest version of InformationLeader can help your business, or for any custom scenarios that you think might help your business, then either send us a tweet @ILeaderV5 or email us at If you’re already an existing InformationLeader and want to see how to make use of this new feature, just get in touch with InformationLeader support and they’ll be happy to take you through the new functionality.