In previous versions of InformationLeader we offered an alert mechanism that added some smarts to our forms.

This helped organisations automate some of their business rules via automated workflows that could in turn trigger emails. It also helped keep data ‘clean’ by allowing customisable data validation to make sure that people were putting in data that followed logical rules.

This was all good stuff! With v5 we can do even more. Here are some examples:

  • Multi-colour highlights: results recorded in your InformationLeader system could be one colour when it is outside of target limits, or an even louder colour when it is out of customer specifications. These colours are also displayed on summary screens to help you prioritise
  • “Just send me an email!”: Automation can send emails without a full workflow behind it to manage their actions. Emails alerts can also grab their intended recipient from a field on the form so it can be different depending on how the information plays out
  • Sign it, generate a report, email it to the boss: We found that those three tasks were basically people’s routines for many of our users – this is all streamlined in v5. Automation can be set up so that as soon as you sign your form (log-sheet, report, checklist), a summary report is generated and automatically emailed to the intended recipients
  • Buttons! InformationLeader forms can have customisable buttons that can be placed throughout your forms. These buttons can do most of the above tasks, as well as save the form, update values, and a whole host of other tasks.

Remember – if you have any questions or just want to chat about how this latest version of InformationLeader can help your business then either send us a tweet @ILeaderV5 or email us at . If you’re already an existing InformationLeader and want to see how to make use of this new feature, just get in touch with InformationLeader support and they’ll be happy to take you through the new functionality.