Dynamic Sections!

Hi all! We’ve been busy compiling the survey results – we’re still receiving more submissions from our clients overseas. In the meantime we’re continuing our series on new features available in v5.

InformationLeader has always broken up its data capture into sections – just like multiple pages on a paper based form. With v5 we’re making the sections more intelligent by making their visibility conditional in a couple of ways:

  • Permissions: you can now tailor section visibility according to your user’s security roles. What this means is that parts of the form can be hidden from people who don’t have access to them.
  • Dynamic visibility: this is the really exciting part of the new features – parts of the form can now dynamically hide and show themselves to users based on their input. This lets you make much.

Smarter forms that will only show fields when they are relevant. For example – one template may house different checklists, and based on the product or area being checked the correct checklist or lists will be visible to the user. All irrelevant lists and items will be made invisible, making data entry simpler and faster.

Just one example of how you can use this feature:
Dyaminc Visibility

Remember – if you have any questions or just want to chat about how this latest version of InformationLeader can help your business, or for any custom scenarios that you think might help your business, then either send us a tweet @ILeaderV5 or email us at sales@thetatechnologies.com.au. If you’re already an existing InformationLeader and want to see how to make use of this new feature, just get in touch with InformationLeader support and they’ll be happy to take you through the new functionality.