HACCP Plans in InformationLeader


The Plans module of InformationLeader allows for different types of quality management plans to be recorded in a live electronic system. One such plan that our clients use is for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a widely known risk management methodology which aims to reduce the risk of various types of hazards during production down to acceptable levels.

A HACCP plan in InformationLeader has been designed to replace a manual HACCP system that is typically composed of multiple documents that the average company will need to maintain. As an electronic and auditable system, InformationLeader has the capabilities of integrating all aspects that make up a HACCP plan into a single and user-friendly module.

Our HACCP plan has been built as a standard template to comply with different industry requirements with the flexibility to adjust to different processes. Not only does it include a drag-and-drop workflow builder where people can create, edit, and remove steps of their plan at any point in time, InformationLeader also has the capabilities of linking a step to a Risk Assessment or HACCP Audit Table section.

HACCP Risk Assessment

HACCP Risk Assessment


HACCP Flow Chart

HACCP Plan Flowchart


HACCP Flow Chart Zoom

Close up view of the HACCP Plan Flowchart


As part of our Risk Assessment model, we have also integrated a HACCP Decision Tree assistant that allows users to identify when a hazard becomes a Critical Control Point or Quality Control Point. This tool combined with our built-in risk matrix can speed up the risk assessment process and deliver a more efficient outcome.


HACCP Decision Tree


Since most of the information required to verify the correct implementation of a HACCP plan resides within our InformationLeader system, linking to these records within your HACCP plan is also possible. For example, if your HACCP plan includes “Calibration” as part of your verification process, you can link them to your “Calibration Records” inside InformationLeader and navigate to them from your HACCP plan. In the below example, by clicking on the green link next to Daily Scales Check will take you directly to this record.


HACCP Verification
HACCP Verification


HACCP Verification Calibration Record
HACCP Verification –  Linked Calibration Record


By having all identified hazards, critical control points and corrective actions within a single electronic system, keeping your records up-to-date, renumbering and validating your procedures will becomes less time-consuming, creating a more efficient and easy to maintain HACCP system. Additionally, your HACCP plan in InformationLeader can be outputted as a single report at any time.

If you wish to know more about HACCP plans in InformationLeader or to organise a demonstration session, please don’t hesitate to contact your local re-seller.

To find out more information about HACCP, HACCP Australia has a list of frequently asked questions.