InformationLeader for TACCP and VACCP

InformationLeader for TACCP and VACCP 

The challenge: finding a suitable electronic system to manage HACCP, VACCP and TACCP Assessments.

TACCP (Threat Assessment & Critical Control Point) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment & Critical Control Point) are the latest focus by large food processing companies. While there are a number of electronic systems designed for maintaining HACCP Plans, the food industry is moving on and needs more advanced tools to assist.

TACCP is a process to assess threats from ideologically motivated individuals. It builds on HACCP. Many precautions taken to assure food safety are likely to also deter or detect deliberate malicious acts. TACCP involves more than HACCP as it focuses on control of materials and products, purchasing, processes, premises, distribution networks and business systems. VACCP focuses on raw materials, packaging and product vulnerability to food fraud.
Many work hours are spent completing these initial reviews. Clients have asked is there some way they don’t have to repeat all they did for HACCP – can the TACCP and VACCP just be added on.

Our response: InformationLeader.

Being able to easily modify/extend the current HACCP template within InformationLeader is very rapidly actioned. This is the beauty of the system. It doesn’t require any extensive programming. In fact a trained employee within the organisation could accomplish the task.

How is this the answer?

InformationLeader has available a Plans module for HACCP. The formats used for HACCP are easily transferable for TACCP and can easily incorporate the assessment for VACCP.

While HACCP plans are relatively standard these days the TACCP and VACCP processes seem to be much more varied in the assessment stages, and the records that result. There does not seem to be a set process – it is determined by the organisation conducting the process.

The option to integrate TACCP and VACCP fully with the HACCP Plan or to set up a separate flow diagram and associated record forms is available. The former would be the recommendation. The reporting function would then be used to produce the resultant assessments, summaries and Action Plans. Crisis Management procedures and Contingency Plans which currently exist are easily linked.

A Drag-and-Drop Flow Chart is built within the template. This feature creates flow charts directly in InformationLeader. The automatic coding, numbering and re-numbering abilities of flowchart nodes is the time saving feature: add a new step and the existing steps are renumbered, remove a step and the remaining steps are renumbered. Changes are automatically carried through to associated assessments and reports.

InformationLeader - TACCP

In addition to the ease of making changes, the template design has removed the need to print out the document in order to use the information for reviews or audits. The flowchart has the potential to act as a portal for audits. Use on portable devices is also possible. The whole plan can be taken to the work station without having to print out a document.

User access is controlled through permissions set up within InformationLeader.

As with existing InformationLeader modules, changes are fully traceable. Electronic internal or external approval requirements can be added.

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