Meet one of our new team members – Harry

Harry's Photo

I am Hareendra Irugalratne aka “Harry working as a software support officer at Theta Technologies. Being a part of this awesome team and helping our clients is something that I always wished for.

My graduation was from Griffith University as a software developer studying Bachelor of Information Technology. Later I gained professional experience through Navitas Professional. I am fluent with a wide variety of technical languages such as VB.Net, Javascript, PHP and HTML.

Prior to starting at Theta, I have been working as an IT lecturer and IT research coordinator in Sri Lanka (where I am originally from).

I have gained a good knowledge in MATLAB 2009b, and Java from my research projects along with many other development applications such as Objective C, Scirra Construct 2 and Titanium Studio during my work/education.

I am looking forward to providing my best guidance and support regarding any of your questions in InformationLeader. Please feel free to contact me anytime.