PIF Version 6.0 and InformationLeader

InformationLeader graphic for Product DevelopmentWhat is a PIF Version 6.0?

The Product Information Form (PIF Version 6.0) is a food industry-agreed questionnaire. It is used by companies to provide food industry customers with information about food products and ingredients in a single document.  It meets the need for information of this type for legal and regulatory compliance. Up until now the PIF has only been available as an Excel spreadsheet.

PIF V6.0 has been updated to account for the revised ANZ Food Standards Code and Country of Origin labelling requirements.  In this version PIF V6.0 is providing a portal to allow information to be exchanged between companies.

Can PIFs be generated within InformationLeader?

YES!!!!!  InformationLeader already has the capability to be able to generate PIFs for client users.  The Reports module is used to generate the PIF from product data extracted from Reference Data Forms.  The PIF report is based on the standardised PIF format supplied by the AFGC. Once the PIF has been generated it can be sent in a word/excel/pdf format.  PIFs can also be saved if required within the Document Management system.  There is no need to save it as a document .  It is a very simple process of running the report each time you require a PIF.  This ensures that you are supplying your customer with the latest data.

Why use InformationLeader for PIFs?

Generating PIFs in InformationLeader gets away from having to update every PIF every time a product change is made.  You only need to keep the Reference Data Forms up-to-date.  If there is a change to the format of the PIF then there is a simple matter of updating the report – not every PIF document you have saved.

What about Customer/Product Specifications, Safety Data Sheets?

These documents can also be generated in the same/similar way.

Want to know more?

Talk with our team at foodpro 2107 in Sydney in July.  We will be there at the AFGC’s planned launch of PIF V6.0.

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Link to AFGC website for information about PIF Version 6.0 launch proposed for July.