Request Reporting Has Arrived

From the first version of InformationLeader we’ve included a workflow tool to track information flow throughout the system. It’s provided an auditable layer to business processes – you can see when information was sent, whether or not it’s been read, who is in charge of the information and the steps they can take to action the requests.

With InformationLeader version 5, we’ve added reporting to let you analyse that information in way that’s meaningful to your business. This way, you can measure workload, response times, and other metrics that will let your business allocate resources more efficiently.

Request Reporting

Remember – if you have any questions or just want to chat about how this latest version of InformationLeader can help your business, or for any custom scenarios that you think might help your business, then either send us a tweet @ILeaderV5 or email us at If you’re already an existing InformationLeader and want to see how to make use of this new feature, just get in touch with InformationLeader support and they’ll be happy to take you through the new functionality.