Training Courses

Hello again!

Over the past couple of months we’ve shown you a few features of InformationLeader v5 and also talked about the extended capabilities when it comes to actually implement the new version. These features only scratch the surface of what’s now possible with version 5. There have been a multitude of minor and major improvements that can only be fully explored in an InformationLeader training course.

Your nearest Reseller is able to provide v5 training through various training courses:
• End user training
• Administrator/Builder training
• Reports training
• Power user refresher training

In Brisbane (where InformationLeader was born and raised!) our public training courses are delivered by a certified trainer and can also be delivered on site for training sessions customised to your organisation’s specific InformationLeader scenarios.

What we’ll be also be doing (from next week onwards) is going through some of the possible scenarios that you can use InformationLeader for. Keep an eye out!

Remember – if you have any questions or just want to chat about how to book a training course then either send us a tweet @ILeaderV5 or email us at If you’re already an existing Information Leader and want to see how to make use of any new features, just get in touch with InformationLeader support and they’ll be happy to take you through the new functionality.