We’ve been working on InformationLeader for over 12 years, with solutions provided for organisations in a wide range of industries with an even wider range of needs. We’ve learnt from each of our implementations and taken feedback from customers new and old to make InformationLeader the best product it can be for as many of our users as possible.

We have released the InformationLeader Capabilities document, a high level look at just some of the solutions available to your organisation with InformationLeader. It provides some real world examples of the solutions we’ve provided to organisations around the world. It should give you an idea about just how powerful and flexible InformationLeader is and how it could help your organisation on its path of continuous improvement.

We think it’s also worth a read for existing InformationLeader users – it should give you an idea about just how far InformationLeader has come.

Turn the pages by grabbing the edges of the document with your mouse.

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The InformationLeader solution has been used in industry and government around the world. Its flexibility and wealth of features has delivered quantifiable gains and significant return on investment in a broad range of scenarios.

If you would like to download your own copy follow the instructions below.

High Resolution Capabilities PDF

Size: 25MB

Low Resolution Capabilities PDF

Size: 5MB