How InformationLeader can help you

Features & Benefits

InformationLeader enables your organisation to electronically capture, analyse and centrally manage traditionally paper-based information without having to develop all new procedures. Take advantage of having your business and operational information available at your fingertips: in real-time, in one location with a full audit trail of every interaction with the system.

Real-time electronic data capture

Smart, fully customisable templates tailored to your needs.

Consolidates business information

Complete traceability of all information

Secure web based solution trusted by organisations across the world

Complies with rigorous international standards

Data and processes meets all international regulatory requirements.

Suitable for any industry

Benefit from over a decade’s worth of implementations and customer requests.

Scales to fit your organisation and business growth

A system that grows with you and can adapt to changing business environments without costly customisation.

Significant reduction of time spent on data entry and reporting

Helps streamline business processes

Direct electronic data entry eliminates the need to re-enter data from paper based forms and enables instant collation of information and re-use.

The ideal data capture, management, and reporting system for regulated environments.

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