Document management is at the heart of any compliance system. ISO 9000, GMP, HACCP, environmental compliance and a multitude of  other standards and regulations require a controlled set of documents that outline how your organisation operates to meet them.

InformationLeader allows organisations to control their documentation, ensuring that the right people are working with the right documents at the right time. The document module also integrates with InformationLeader’s data capture and management features to deliver a complete compliance solution.


  • Support for any file type with configurable file size limits
  • Automatically convert Microsoft Office or Open Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Publisher, and Open Office equivalents) to PDF with custom watermarks
  • Granular, role based security model that strictly controls access to the system
  • Support for multi-site organisations, with the right documents for the site being displayed
  • Highly configurable document codes, categories, and version numbering
  • Review dates with automated notifications (including e-mail notifications)
  • Powerful searching engine that searches over document titles, codes, keywords, and within the document as well
  • Full featured versioning with check in/out control to avoid version mis-match while automatically maintaining a full version history
  • Flexible release control mechanism to allows you to obtain and record electronic signatures from all key stakeholders prior to document release/revision
  • Notification (including over e-mail) of new document/version releases