Government departments are under increased public scrutiny to do more with reducing budgets and minimising the transactional cost of doing business for industry.

With InformationLeader, paper based forms and processes can become efficient electronic work streams managed over the internet, allowing central and regional departments to seamlessly work together and access the information they need, when they need it.

Informationleader meets the accountability and audibility needs of government yet remains flexible enough to allow government departments to adapt to the changing face of the industries they regulate.


  • Case files, Audit files, Education, Enforcement and Prosecution data and device registers.
  • Record and managed public enquires and requests for information.
  • Data validation and automated notifications customised to how your department operates.
  • Link to existing software systems to avoid duplication and minimise inconsistencies.
  • Capture text, documents, handwritten signatures, sound files, emails, pictures and more.
  • Electronic signatures that exceeds record keeping requirements.
  • Allow government to adhere to the  legislative requirements of the Australian Electronic Transaction Act 1999 and New Zealand Electronic Transactions Act 2002


  • Alerts and definable business rules allow escalations of issues through the appropriate levels of management
  • Customisable workflows to fit what works best for your department.
  • Full audit trail that can be analysed – identify hold ups, average response times, and more.
  • Ensure everyone is notified when new policies and procedures are rolled out.
  • Preventative action requests scheduled with automated reminders.
  • Automated escalation that notifies the right people when the wrong things are happening.
  • Document review notifications make sure document review deadlines are always met.
  • Role based administration system ensures that sensitive information is only seen by those that have the appropriate privilege


  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and ministerial reporting configured to your department needs.
  • Identify trends and areas to focus on for targeting education campaigns or enforcement activies.
  • Scheduled reporting means that data is automatically compiled, formatted, and sent to you via email.
  • Standardised letters and summaries tidy up information and tailor it for individual stakeholders.
  • PDFs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or XML output for every report provide flexibility.
  • Report over data captured in InformationLeader as well as other systems in your network.
  • Demonstrate adaptation to new legislation and compliance standards with ease.
  • Historical trends, site, region, and national emission summaries, and many other reports generated with your departments logo, fonts, and format at the click of a button