Hazard Analysis Critical Control (HACCP) Plans in complex organisations can contain hundreds of steps and associated risk assessments.  Reviewing and keeping this information up to date is a hugely time-consuming task, often will multiple staff members involved.  The addition of just one step can mean hours of updating documents.

HACCP Plans were originally fairly simple paper based documents for controlling food safety hazards.  Today though they are employed to manage a variety of hazard groups: Quality and/or Identity Preservation (e.g., US, EU, organic, halal, kosher) in addition to food safety.  Continual auditing by Federal, State, overseas authorities and by their customers means many changes to the HACCP Plans of our clients.


  • Scope and Purpose of HACCP Plan
  • Team Details
  • Process flows using inbuilt Drag-and-Drop Flow Chart Builder
  • Hazard Analysis Assessment
  • CCP/QCP information in HACCP Audit Table
  • Verification activities in Verification Schedule
  • Validation information
  • Electronic internal or external approval of flowcharts and plans
  • Linking to pre-existing InformationLeader Form Templates or documents
  • Direct access to monitoring and verification records


  • Easy update with flowchart changes automatically carried to the Hazard Analysis Table and HACCP Audit Table negating the need to do it manually
  • Flowchart can act as portal for auditing HACCP Plan and Prerequisite Programs
  • Perform audits and reviews without printing documents
  • User access controlled through permissions
  • Users can still view the “Approved” version while the plan is being updated
  • Potential for your personnel to use Flow Chart as primary access point to monitoring forms
  • Potential for daily interaction with the HACCP Plan to recognise necessary changes more readily


  • Standard HACCP formats available through standard reporting function
  • Specific reports can be supplied for specific users
  • Plans are printable