The safety and wellbeing of your workers is paramount and adherence to regulated health and safety requirements goes a long way towards ensuring this. InformationLeader allows you to manage your occupational health and safety information in an easy to use system.

From risk identification & analysis and employee training & certification through to incident reporting and identifying opportunities for improvement, InformationLeader gives you a complete health and safety information management system. InformationLeader even has the flexibility to adapt to the different laws and regulations required by the jurisdictions that your organisation operates.

Single site. Multi site. Export or domestic. Big and global or local and agile. InformationLeader is flexible enough to meet your specific Occupational Safety & Health requirements.


  • Identify, analyse, and manage risks.
  • Track employee records, training, and certification.
  • Log all incidents, near misses, and injuries.
  • Data capture that meets and exceeds CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for electronic record keeping.
  • Proven track record for meeting US FDA, EU, Japanese, and domestic data capture requirements.
  • Link to existing software systems to avoid duplication and minimise inconsistencies.
  • Capture text, barcodes, pictures, documents, handwritten signatures, and more.
  • Electronic signature capture that meets and exceeds record keeping requirements.


  • Get notified when certifications are due for renewal.
  • Ensure everyone is notified when new policies and procedures are rolled out.
  • Different stakeholders are notified based on severity of safety/health event.
  • Preventative action requests scheduled with automated reminders.
  • Customisable workflows to fit what works best for your business.
  • Full audit trail that can be analysed – identify hold ups, average response times, and more.
  • Automated escalation that notifies the right people when the wrong things are happening.
  • Document review notifications make sure document review deadlines are always met.
  • Everyone working with the right template and procedure versions, at the right time.
  • Email notifications tied with internal system activity.


  • Use reporting to identify trends and areas to focus on.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement with targeted reports.
  • Scheduled reporting means that data is automatically compiled, formatted, and sent to you via email.
  • Standardised letters and summaries tidy up information and tailor it for individual stakeholders.
  • PDFs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or XML output for every report provide flexibility.
  • Report over data captured in InformationLeader as well as other systems in your network.
  • Demonstrate compliance at the click of a button.