TACCP is a process to assess threats from ideologically motivated individuals. It builds on HACCP. Many precautions taken to assure food safety are likely to also deter or detect deliberate malicious acts. TACCP involves more than HACCP as it focuses on control of materials and products, purchasing, processes, premises, distribution networks and business systems.

VACCP is aimed at assessing potential for food fraud from economically motivated individuals. It involves determining the vulnerability of raw materials, including packaging.


  • Scope and Purpose of TACCP Plan
  • Team Details
  • Process flows using inbuilt Drag-and-Drop Flow Chart Builder
  • TACCP records: Threat Analysis, Threat Assessment, Threat Prioritisation, Threat Report Matrixes and Tables
  • VACCP records: Raw Material and Product Risk Assessments
  • Electronic internal or external approval of flowcharts and plans
  • Linking to pre-existing InformationLeader Form Templates or documents
  • Linking to pre-existing InformationLeader Form Templates or documents


  • Easily add to HACCP Plan to fulfil TACCP and VACCP requirements
  • All Tables fully customisable for individual organisations
  • Easy update with flowchart changes automatically carried to associated tables negating the need to do it manually
  • Flowchart can act as portal for auditing TACCP Plan
  • Perform audits and reviews without printing documents
  • User access controlled through permissions
  • Users can still view the “Approved” version while the plan is being updated


  • Standard formats available through standard reporting function
  • Specific reports can be supplied for specific users
  • Plans are printable