Norvic Food Processors

“This has revolutionised the meat industry…”

Jon Hayes

Managing Director, Norvic Food Processors

What was the situation?

Jon Hayes has been the General Manager at Norvic for 5 years. Prior to this he worked with AQIS for 15 years. Working on both sides of the red meat industry fence, he has a good understanding of the regulatory framework Australia works in and the large amount of paperwork required to satisfy this level of regulation.

The Norvic Processing plant is a complex site with 15 processing areas that need to be constantly monitored and assessed for performance. Prior to the implementation of InformationLeader this was a long, manual process.


Why is this a significant change?

The application has resulted in the elimination of approximately half of the time spent on filling out paperwork and through its reporting features has allowed management to get a real time snapshot of the plant’s performance.

InformationLeader has provided Norvic with a single solution to integrate all areas of environment, industrial relations, training, food safety, maintenance and Occupational Health, allowing management to make proactive as opposed to reactive decisions.

“What quality is about is getting it right the first time – measuring it. Prevention costs might go up a bit but failure costs come down” Jon Hayes said.


What does the future now look like?

The red meat export industry is worth $6 billion to Australian trade each year. InformationLeader can now be used as a marketing tool given its ability to provide accurate assessment and traceability of the product.

As Jon states “Everything is recorded and measured. It means traceability from the farm to the box. That’s the key to this (application). What we need to market is our safeness, our quality. If we all get focused on that as an industry we are going to take the global (and domestic) situation head on”.

InformationLeader is the tool that can keep Norvic and the Australian meat industry at the helm of best practice and as industry leaders locally and globally.

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