Norvic Food Processors

“InformationLeader means we can spend more time on the floor instead of being stuck in the office…”

Neville Hensel

Operations Manager, Norvic Food Processors

What was the situation?

Prior to the use of InformationLeader, Neville describes the main challenge in using a paper based QA system being the traceability of forms to identify trends and when required to rectify an issue in the processing line.

This is achieved through the use of mobile hand held computers (web tablets) that allow the entire processing chain to electronically record information and send it in real time to the central location of the Quality Assurance office.


Why is this a significant change?

Since the implementation of InformationLeader at Norvic the traceability of forms has become significantly simple and has saved a lot of time.

“Because all forms are now electronic and all product will have an electronic ID we will be able to search quickly for auditing purposes, reporting and analyzing data collected. Also allows quick response for recall and rejection if required. It has and will save an enormous amount of time,” Neville said.

Another benefit has been the reduction in duplication of forms across different areas of operation at Norvic.

“This has increased the communication between departments as InformationLeader connects all of the parts of the site. We have a great deal more continuity with the way the forms are used as well. The time that this has saved me means that I can spend more time on the floor instead of being stuck in the office”.


What does the future now look like?

Neville Hensel believes that Norvic can look forward to more gains through the use of InformationLeader.

“With the release of new versions of the product by Theta, we will achieve even greater efficiency in our operation into the future. The product is flexible enough to be adapted to our own specific needs, so we can look forward to increasing our competitive advantage and best practice standing.”

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