NZ Lamb Packers


Interview with: Clinton Reeve – IT & Technical Manager, NZ Lamb Packers

What was the situation?

As Technical Manager for the NZ Lambpackers site, Clinton Reeve saw a gap in the site’s ability to monitor and control the process line on a daily basis.

InformationLeader was developed by Theta Technologies to provide an electronic solution to the capturing, relaying, and reporting of data captured within a processing line.

Since its installation, Clinton has been able to see significant benefits in many of the process operations of the plant.

“Since its implementation we have been able to introduce performance monitoring such as animals per man per hour, yielded product information and cost of production information even including chemical usage. We are able to provide management reports including graphs simply and efficiently. This data has enabled us to have much more than a quality assurance program; we have been able to introduce a continual improvement program,” Clinton Reeve said.


Why is this a significant change?

InformationLeader has provided NZ Lamb Packers with an application that through monitoring performance in all aspects of the business has enhanced the business’s processes and in turn increased productivity.

Audits are now easier to conduct and report both through the unique date stamping of data entering the system and the real time recording of information. Information on yields and productivity has reduced costs and increased budgeting forecast capabilities.


What does the future now look like?

Through the better management of the information available to the QA department business practices and productivity have been increased. In the future NZ Lamb Packers can look to having real information on which to base budgets, cost reduction strategies and areas of opportunity in work performance.

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