“This system is fool proof…”

Steve Crook

QA Manager, Radfords

What was the situation?

The large amount of paperwork required to fulfill his job role was the major challenge to affect Steve Crook’s role as the QA Manager at Radfords.

Utilising a paper based quality assurance system meant much time bogged down doing paperwork and a long protracted process in order to fix faults from the processing line.

Similarly, a large amount of time was needed to generate management reporting requirements.

Since the implementation of Information Leader at Radfords Steve maintains that the main benefit of the application has been the capture of the live data and the dramatic reduction in time spent doing paperwork.

Information Leader was developed by Theta Technologies to provide an electronic solution to the capturing, relaying, and reporting of data captured within a processing line. This information is then assessed and management decisions made, where needed within minutes, regarding any issues that the data records.


Why is this a significant change?

Since the implementation of Information Leader at Radfords, Steve Crooks saw an extraordinary saving in his time.

“Within 6 months of Information Leader being implemented within the site, I cut down the time I spent on paperwork incredibly – probably by about two thirds. The other benefit of the system that I have gained is the Crystal Reports and the ability to graph the information contained within the system and reports”, Steve said.

“We are able to show auditors the time stamp for all information logged into the system. It also means that there is responsibility and accountability from our guys to making sure if they need to, things can get rectified quickly. If they don’t the alerts head up the chain. The system is foolproof and that’s the best thing about it” he said.


What does the future now look like?

Ultimately Steve can see major benefits in implementing the software through all areas of the Radfords site such as maintenance. That would take about another 6 to 12 months; however the benefits that would provide to the site would be enormous.