Health & Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

The safety and wellbeing of your workers is paramount and adherence to regulated health and safety requirements foes a long way towards ensuring this. InformationLeader allows you to manage your occupational health and safety information in an easy to use system.

From risk identification & analysis and employee training & certification through to incident reporting and identifying opportunities for improvement, InformationLeader gives you a complete health and safety information management system. InformationLeader even has the flexibility to adapt to the different laws and regulations required by the jurisdictions where your organisation operates.

  • Incident, Injuries & Near misses
  • Certification Tracking
  • Safety Meetings
  • Workplace Inspections & Audits
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Control
  • Site Inductions
  • Ergonomic Checklists

Safety Talks

Centralised Topic Setting

Topics of the week/fortnight/month can be set up at a centralised location, making distribution automatic. This ensures a consistent message across all sites while cutting back on administrative costs.

Easy to Generate Handouts and Exercises

Personnel delivering the talks can easily generate reports that summarise the topic and organises the attached images to an easy to read and distribute handout. These can also include any suggested readings or exercises to ensure that the message has been heard.


Having all safety information in InformationLeader means that there is a full audit trail – following an incident officers/management can easily look back and identify if the employee has attended training/safety meetings.

Track Ideas and Feedback

The centralised and integrated nature allows for trackable feedback andideas generated by employees.

Attachable Media

Topics may include pictures and other relevant media to ensure that the ideas presented for each topic is clearly communicated to the intended audience. This can also be distributed automatically in the system.

Track Meetings from Head Office

Head office can track which sites have created safety talk records and have filled out attendance sheets. An overall safety snapshot can identify which areas have/have not been performing the safety meetings.

Flexible Form Design

Each form in InformationLeader is highly flexible, ensuring that no future data capture requirements are missed.

Hazard Identification & Risk

Flexible Data Capture Forms

Data capture forms can be customised to meet various hazard identification
and risk analysis requirements. This ensures that your system will meet any
current and future risk management policies.

Flexible Calculation Tools

Automated risk calculators and other assessment tools such as decision trees can match existing business requirements and can be modified to match future ones.

Link to Supporting Documentation

All relevant documentation and policies can be attached to the risk assessment forms, ensuring that the latest policies and standards are being applied.

Fully Versioned Records

Records saved in the past look exactly as they did at time of capture, including all relevant attachments and summary reports – an essential requirement for auditable systems.

Embedded Media Items

Images, sound files, and videos can be embedded into forms to ensure that risk
items are properly communicated or illustrated to personnel.

Automated Notifications

Items meeting or exceeding acceptable risk levels can trigger email, system messages, or launch workflows involving all relevant stakeholders automatically, ensuring compliance and reducing administration cost.

Highlighting and Reporting Features

Completed hazard identification and risk analysis/control records can be automatically compiled into a hazard manual that can be included in safety induction procedures. High risk items can be highlighted automatically.

Incident Management

Flexible Data Capture Forms

Incidents, near misses, and injuries can be tracked according to your legislative and insurance requirements, ensuring that all required information is captured. Clickable image maps can make this even easier.

Automated Notifications

Emails, system messages, and workflows can be automatically generated on recording an injury or other incident, reducing administrative costs and ensuring correct procedure is followed.

Link to Supporting Documentation

All relevant documentation and policies can be attached to the incident management forms, ensuring that the latest policies and standards are being applied.

Multi-site Support

InformationLeader systems have been built from the beginning to support multi-site/plant organisations, with template structures and permissions easily duplicated and further tailored for each site’s specific needs.

Powerful Reporting

Reporting in InformationLeader can identify training gaps, trends (e.g. incidents repeatedly occurring with a particular piece of equipment), and can summarise all collected evidence regarding an incident.